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We rent porta potties for events and construction projects in the greater Noblesville area.

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Porta Potty Rental, Noblesville IN

Line of porta potties on the streetNoblesville is a small town in Indiana. For the most part, this town has seen better days. There’s not anything much to do there and it’s not exactly a hotspot for tourists either. That isn’t the case with all towns though, as some cities and towns can be great places for living, learning, working, and just about everything else you could ever think of. That’s what makes these kinds of small towns a little harder, they can be bad but they can also be great. With any luck, the rest of this article will have some pointers to help you find a good place to live.

What is a porta potty?

A porta-potty is a portmanteau of portable toilets. These are small toilets that are used in public spaces such as parks, campgrounds, concert grounds, and stadiums. They are most frequently used in areas where they are not possible to build a permanent toilet like at construction sites and camping.

Porta potties come in different kinds of styles. The most common is the stand-alone porta potty with a metal seat and lid but there is also the trough style which can be pulled along by a car or trailer or even towed by a motorcycle if needed.

Different types of porta potties are available

There are different types of porta potties. Each has its own standards and some have more requirements than others. These are the most common ports available:

Regular porta potties

These are the most common kind of potty on the market. They have a metal frame that holds a toilet seat and are usually filled about halfway with water. The purpose is to provide a sturdy platform for the porta potty so that it will be more stable when it is used by people. Each porta potty comes with one or two waste containers that can be easily removed and emptied when they are full. Most of the time these units will partition off their own space inside so that their contents can not contaminate any other contents in the same unit.

Porta-Potties come in all shapes, sizes, and styles.

Deluxe porta potties

These are the deluxe type of porta potties. They have a fully enclosed seating area that is protected from the elements and a toilet. The seats on these toilets are reinforced to ensure that they will not break so easily. The doors and flaps on these toilets can also be self-closed so that they can be operated by their own power supply, which is usually just a light bulb. These units come with wastewater containers that can be emptied when full or filled to make them easier to empty when necessary. Some also have handgrip handles attached to the outside of their doors so they are easy to pull along as well.

Wheelchair-accessible porta potties

A wheelchair-accessible porta potty is a special unit that has been modified to be easily accessible by those that use a wheelchair. These are perfect for those that have limited mobility and can’t use the regular porta potty with ease. They are mountable so they can be set up on any standard toilet bowl and they will install in minutes.

Luxury trailer porta potties

The luxury trailer porta potties are either portable or semi-portable. They are usually made of steel and they have a toilet on one end and a basin of some kind, usually a combination of sink and shower on the other side. They typically come with their own waste container as well as an extension for use as a shower or sink when needed. These can be easily towed behind any kind of truck, moped, motorcycle, or even just by hand to get where they need to go.

Ultralight portable toilets

These units can be used to camp, and go hiking and are especially helpful when traveling in areas where there are no permanent toilets available such as National Parks, National Forests, and Forest Service recreation facilities. The waste tanks are specifically designed to be emptied quickly and easily with a hose, bucket, or can. The waste holding tank is opened by removing the lid on top and then tipping the whole unit forward so everything inside goes out into the toilet. This makes it much easier to empty the porta potty and is the preferred method of emptying waste in most cases.

Best ceremonies for porta potty rental

Some of the best and most important occasions for renting porta potties are a wedding, graduation parties, tailgate parties, and corporate events.

Wedding parties

One of the most important occasions for hiring a porta potty is at your wedding. They are usually sufficient to house both the bride and groom before they make their vows because of the space available. Sometimes it is best to have a larger porta potty that can fit both families as well as guests that are invited to attend the event. It is also sometimes necessary to have multiple restrooms so that everyone has access without having to wait for very long.


Graduation parties are usually held outdoors which makes it difficult for people to find a place out of sight that they can use if they need to go right away. A porta potty is an ideal solution to this problem. Usually, high schools will have portable restrooms on site for the graduation ceremonies, but it’s a good idea for parents to take out advanced porta potties that can wait on their property until needed.

Tailgate parties

Tailgate parties are a lot of fun and they can also be a bit messy. If you plan on having one, you need to make sure that you have all the facilities available needed. Porta potties can be rented by the day or by the hour and in most cases, they will come with waste holding tanks so that you don’t have to worry about cleaning up later.

Corporate events

Corporate luncheons, parties, and other social events are one of the most important occasions to have porta potties available. Every person that needs to use a toilet will want access to one. Most of these firms will offer these on-site so it just makes sense to hire them for the event before it starts.


The festival season is a great time for having portable toilets available for everyone that needs them.

Porta-potty rental is becoming a solution for many of the most important events, but it is still hard to find the right vendor that has good service and reasonable prices. Now you have all the information to help you find the best porta potties in Noblesville.