Deluxe Porta Potty

Isolated ada & deluxe porta pottyIndianapolis is the capital of Indiana and one of the largest cities in the state. In addition to social functions like parties, weddings, get-togethers, a large number of sporting events are also held outdoors at Indianapolis. Event organizers wish to ensure that their guests are comfortable and have all the facilities available at indoor events. One of the best ways to ensure comfort and hygiene for any outdoor event is by renting a deluxe porta potty for the event.Typically the potty will be enclosed in a plastic enclosure, which will form the potty unit for rent.

Though the standard portable potty unit is also available for rent, it will usually be smaller in size. So it is not comfortable for larger individuals, to use it, since they will find it cramped. The deluxe potty is larger in size, so that plus size and taller individuals can use it comfortably. Usually parents will accompany their small children, and the deluxe potty unit is large enough to accommodate children and their parents. The height of a typical deluxe unit, which is cubical, is more than 7 feet, with the width and depth at least 4 feet, so that tall people do not face any problem using it.

The deluxe unit has a toilet which can be used as a urinal. There is a waste water tank connected to the unit, which can be drained separately. The toilet has a foot operated flush for convenience. The deluxe unit can include a hand sanitizer unit, for cleaning the hands to kill harmful microbes or it can be combined with a portable handwashing station. The wash station has a foot pump for greater hygiene. The door of the unit can be latched from inside and a sign will be displayed to indicate that it is in use. The porta potty can be labelled as men’s or women’s for convenience.

The porta potty is largely made from high quality plastic for greater durability and to keep the weight low. The plastic used is suitable for outdoor use under all weather conditions, since it is waterproof and also does not get damaged due to exposure to ultraviolet rays in sunlight. The portable toilet will be installed at the location specified by the event organizer by the rental company. For rentals of longer duration the staff of the event management company or client can be trained to drain and clean the porta potty.

Additional features can be incorporated in the portable toilet like a dispenser with liquid soap for washing the hands. A stand for paper towels or dispenser can also be included. If the porta potty is required for a longer period of time, more customization of the potty unit can be done based on client requirement. The rental rates depend to a large extent on the features of the unit and the duration for which the unit is being hired. Discounts are offered if the unit is hired for a few days or few weeks. If anymore details are required, the event organizer can contact for more information.