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Monument Circle

The Monument Circle in Indianapolis is a spectacular landmark that is designed to be a focal point for any visitor and one of the most interesting landmarks in Indianapolis. The Monument Circle in Indianapolis has been around since the eighteenth century, and in that time it has stood as a central point in the city for several generations. It was originally built by the French and was then used as a center point for the city’s political affairs. The area around the circle was used as a public square, and it remains this central location for the city of Indianapolis.

The Circle in Indianapolis is a beautiful structure that has a central area that is surrounded by smaller areas that were built to create the surrounding ambiance. This area is filled with various types of statues, historical buildings, and other structures that have been placed on different sides of the circle in order to provide the viewer with the full beauty and the panache of the region.

In order to see the Circle in Indianapolis, you must first make your way to the Indianapolis Zoo. There are many different exhibits that you can look through and view while you are at the zoo, so if you are looking for something that will give you a more historical view of the Circle, then you should go to the Indianapolis Museum. Both of these places are open daily and allow you to visit in the morning or evening, so you are bound to find somewhere to walk and to stand while you are there.

While visiting the monuments, you will see that there are some that are very impressive. For instance, you will notice that you can get a close view of the Jefferson Memorial. The statue of Jefferson that you will see depicts him walking towards the United States Capitol, which is a great image that will be very important for you to take in.

Another monument that you will want to look at is the James Madison Monument. This is the one that has stood as the main part of the city of Indianapolis since the eighteenth century. It stands next to the United States Capitol building, and is an excellent way to see the United States Congress while you are in the area.

The Monument Circle in Indianapolis has always been a popular tourist area, and there are always people who enjoy seeing the area while they are there. If you do not have to go to Indianapolis often, you should take a moment to stop by and see what the Monument Circle has to offer.

Monument Circle Indianapolis Indiana has been named one of the top ten locations in the United States by Travel and Leisure Magazine. Monument Circle is located on I-465 between the New Albany exit and Indianapolis International Airport. The area boasts numerous attractions such as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indianapolis Zoo, the Indianapolis History Museum, the Indiana Zoo and The Indianapolis Art Museum. There are many more to see and do while you stay in Indianapolis.

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