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Indianapolis Zoo

The Indianapolis Zoo is an institution for wildlife conservation that houses more than three thousand animals of over three hundred species. The zoo itself houses nearly three hundred animals, including the rarest species and endangered mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, corals, and marine life. There are also several interactive exhibits and wildlife management center that are open to the public throughout the year.

The Indianapolis Zoo has a great many attractions for its visitors to take advantage of, including an interactive dolphin show, rides for the kids, and the Indianapolis Zoo Discovery Center that houses the most exotic creatures on Earth. One of the best attractions at the zoo is the Marine Mammal Park. The aquarium was created by the International Society of Wild Animal Breeding and Research and is located in New Jersey. This aquarium provides breeding opportunities for endangered species. Another great attraction at the Indianapolis Zoo is the African Lion Encounter.

In addition, the Indianapolis Zoo also features an interactive area called the Indiana Adventure Zone. This interactive zone lets children explore Indiana wildlife as they explore the Indiana Zoo. If you would like to experience the Indiana Adventure Zone for yourself, you will need to make your reservations prior to your trip to the zoo. These reservations will allow you to go on a guided tour of the Indiana Adventure Zone which includes: Indiana River Cruises, Wild Indiana River Cruise, the Indiana Adventure Island, the Indiana Zoo Jeep Safari, and much more. The tours will take you on a variety of thrilling rides and adventures. There are also a number of different attractions for those who don’t want to experience the Indiana Adventure Zone all by themselves. They can also experience the Zoo from the comfort of their own homes at the zoo’s World of Adventures, which gives guests the ability to explore the Indiana Zoo on a self-contained excursion.

The Indianapolis Zoo also features a variety of educational programs for its guests. Some of these programs are geared towards children, others towards adults, and yet others are open for everyone to come and participate in. These programs include: African Animal Care, Earth Day, Indiana Aquarium Tours, and the Zoo Safari. The African Safari program allows guests to take part in a hands-on experience with leopards and other big cats, and a tour of the African lion farm.

The Indianapolis Zoo has several restaurants and bars that offer special events and entertainment. The main restaurant is called The Bistro and has a very laid back atmosphere. The Zoo Pub serves drinks from a bar that looks like an old fashioned English pub and has outdoor seating. The Zoo Bar and Grill features an indoor patio and has a full bar as well as an open patio in case there is an event.

There are a number of shopping options available at the zoo. There are a number of souvenir shops, and gift shops. There are also gift shops that specialize in a wide range of gift items and specialty foods.

The Indianapolis Zoo has a lot to offer and the guests that come to see it should have the experience to remember. Even a small visit can be memorable and enjoyable. With the Indianapolis Zoo, Indianapolis Indiana, the City of Indianapolis, and all of the exciting attractions that are found within this area, one can feel as if they are at home.

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